Avoiding Moving Company Scams

Avoiding Moving Company Scams

Avoiding Moving Company ScamsThe best way to go about Avoiding Moving Company Scams in the Palm Beach area is to do your homework and stay on your toes every step of the way. Moving is stressful but just because you trust someone else to help with the move does not mean you have to be helpless or clueless. The following are some of the big warning signs you need to look for to avoid falling victim to one of the moving company scams.

Quick deals and Phone deals

A mover who gives a price over the phone without ever seeing your home and belongings cannot give you a fair price. And if the moving company comes to your home but only does a brief walkthrough that should also be a warning flag. A good Palm Beach mover will as if you are moving the food from the pantry, if anything will be sold or left behind, and will look around in the closets and storage room to get a good idea of what all they have to move. Thousands of people fall victim to moving scams and end up with their belongings being held hostage by scam artists who give low estimates for cost then refuse to give them their belongings until they pay a much higher fee- in cash. So be watchful so you can stand a better chance Avoiding Moving Company Scams.

The Requested Deposit

Reputable movers in the Palm Beach area do no ask for cash payments or demand any large deposit to be made before moving you. You generally pay a reliable and reputable moving company upon delivery. If you shell out money before the move, you have no leverage and have no power and control over when you can get your belonging back. When you do pay- even if it is a small down payment or the final payment amount after the move- make sure you use a credit card so you can have the added protection and help guarding against fraud. Avoiding Moving Company Scams can be easier when you know what is and is not normal or acceptable for payments.

The name changeTrust Only Reputable Movers

Some companies who engage in less than ethically sound practices get around the Better Business Bureau and other review sites and organizations by constantly operating under new names. Be sure the company that you are considering using for your move has a local Palm Beach address listed that is an actual office for them and amen sure you ask for and verify all information about their licensing and insurance. They should answer phone calls with something more personal than “moving services” or something else generic- usually a reputable company will answer with the name of the company and their own name. To be safer and to help you stand a better chance at Avoiding Moving Company Scams that change names, ask for three references form the local area. Get reference from the Palm Beach area over the last few months and call and talk to the references to verify they are actual customers and to see what they thought of the moving company.

Avoid Moving Scams at all Costs

These are just three of the most common red flags that can alert you that the Palm Beach moving company you are considering might not be the best choice. Avoiding Moving Company Scams is easier when you know what to look for and what to avoid!

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