House Exterior Painting Tips

House Exterior Painting Tips

House Exterior Painting TipsA fresh paint coat for your home’s exterior can completely transform the look of your with much less investment in terms of time and money. Paint not only makes your home look fresh and bright but it can add a protective layer to guard against damage from sun, wind, water, snow, and other elemental effects.  When it is applied correctly, new paint can last for up to 15 years in some cases. Here’s what you need to know for House Exterior Painting Tips to keep in mind as you work.

The first of the great house exterior painting tips is to use a primer to penetrate, seal, and provide the ideal surface for the paint. Most surfaces can benefit from a coat of primer, but you especially need it for raw unpainted wood surfaces. Acrylic primers can be used on most surfaces, but there is also the option for oil based primer. Consult a paint professional to find out the primer that will help you figure out the House Exterior Painting Tips to use on your project.

While they are still made, oil based paints have become harder to find and the acrylic paint options are far more numerous and much more versatile. This has helped them become the primary paints used in exterior remodeling and paint jobs. They also work over both oil- and water-based primers. One of the great House Exterior Painting Tips is to carefully consider the type of paint you will use because it can impact the look and condition of your home for years to come.

Applying the Paint

Painting Effectively

The last big decision you have to make for the House Exterior Painting Tips you consider is the way you will apply the paint. Most pros use paint sprayers which let them put down paint quickly, easily, and in thin coats to help reduce waste. When you are doing larger areas or really want to reduce the amount of paint you end up using on the project, this is an option you can consider. If you do use a sprayer, or hire a professional who sues a sprayer, make sure windows, doors, trims, bushes, sidewalks, and anything that may get splattered with paint is covered and protected.  You can also use traditional brushes and rollers for a more hands on application- which is idea for intricate trims and detailed painting.

Every painting job project for your home requires careful planning and a number of House Exterior Painting Tips to consider. Be sure to keep an eye on things like the weather and forecast because rain can wash away paint that has not fully dried. Temperature also needs to be considered because if temperatures drop too low it can impact drying time and the adhesion of the paint. Plan carefully and take all of the precautions necessary to ensure your home looks great after your painting project.

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