Tips on How to Move an Aquarium

Tips on How to Move an AquariumMost moving companies will assist you with moving and may offer ideas about how to move your aquarium and tank, but most will not handle the actual moving themselves because they are not qualified to do so. It is in the best interest of your fish to do the moving of the aquarium yourself. Presented here are some Tips on How to Move an Aquarium.

So let’s start with the fish moving tips. Fish are very sensitive and fragile- they do not do well with sudden changes to their environment. You need to ask yourself if there is a chance your fish could survive the move. Many will not last more than a few hours in continues or in a stressful environment. See if you have friend and family who would take the fish so you do not risk killing them. If you do want to try to move your fish you will need to plan on how to move the fish and the aquarium because one of the best tips on how to move an aquarium is to not move the fish in the aquarium.

Moving the Fish Tank

The main problem of moving an aquarium is dealing with the filtration system. After a short period of time, the bacteria will begin to die and the water balance will be thrown off. This is why short moves are as much as a tank and fish can survive with some level of assurance. Follow these tips on how to move an aquarium for a short move.

-Put your fish into a holding container that meets basic need specifications.
-Empty your aquarium but if at all possible keep at least ¼ of the water in the tank so you will not lose all of the good bacteria.
-Disassemble your tank, remove all equipment and decorations so they do not shift and damage the aquarium- also remove live plants and wrap them in wet newspaper to protect the roots.
-Move your tank and pack it as carefully as you can in the moving truck or van; the best place is on the floor so it cannot slide and fall during transport.
-Once you arrive at your new home, set up the tank, fill it, and start it cycling as soon as possible.

    Tips for transporting the fishesCarefully Handle Fishes While Moving Them

    For a few hours at the most, you can put your fish in sealed bags, half-filled with air. It is best to keep only one fish per bag so they do not fight each other during the stressful transport. Your fish will be too stressed to eat so do not feed them in the bags so that the water will stay as clean as possible. Moving aquariums and fish is not an easy task but with some precautions and planning you can be successful when you follow these Tips on How to Move an Aquarium and fish.


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