Long Distance Moving Tips…..

Palm Beach moving servicesMoving can be one of the biggest chores, this is especially true for long distance moves. Moving doesn’t have to be stressful. The following tips from Nice Guy Movers, your West Palm Beach dependable moving company, will ensure the move goes smoothly.

It is imperative that everything which needs to be done is written down. A schedule should be kept to ensure everything is done before moving day. In fact, it is best to schedule tasks so that everything is done a few days before moving day because there may be unexpected delays with one or more of the tasks. By having additional days as a buffer, there won’t be last minute hurrying and stress. It’s important to keep expectations realistic for the tasks.

One mistake people often make is they turn off the utilities before the actual moving day. Utilities shouldn’t be turned off until the move is completed. It is also essential that arrangements are made with the moving company as soon as possible.

Distribute responsibility

One reason moving can become so stressful and overwhelming is because one individual will take on too much responsibility. Moving should be a group effort of everyone involved with the move. If one person is moving friends and family, if possible, should assist with the tasks needed to move.

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Should it stay, or should it go?

Most people accumulate a lot of items. Most people find that they have no desire to take everything they have when they move. This is especially true if the new place is smaller than the previous one. The best way to determine what to take and not take is to organize items into three categories: Keep, maybe keep, and get rid of. All the keep items will be moved. If there is enough desire to keep the items and enough room, then items from the maybe keep category can be moved. The get rid of items should either be given away, sold at a yard sale, or thrown away.

How to take the pain out of packing

Before packing can begin, packing materials should be ready. It’s a good idea to have boxes, tape, packing peanuts, and bubble wrap. Most people make the mistake of over packing boxes. It’s best to not put too many heavy items the same box. It’s especially important to make sure the breakables are packaged securely with packing peanuts and bubble wrap.

Full service West Palm Beach movers offer complete packing help. They will provide all packing materials and will help to pack the items. One such company, Nice Guy Movers, can help with every packing need. Having the packing materials provided and professionals helping pack the items will alleviate a lot of time and stress.

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