What should be included in a moving quote?

If you are getting ready to move, no doubt you are interested in receiving a thorough quote for moving services. How can you make sure that the moving quotes you get are complete?

Although some of the expenses will depend on such variables as where you are moving, most factors apply to any move. So if you are looking for a West Palm Beach mover, what should you take into account?

Some of the basics of a moving estimate are as follows.

* A quote for a local move, which is usually defined as a move involving around 50 miles (or perhaps less), is typically based on the number of movers required to complete the job and their hourly salary.

* If the move involves a longer distance, the quote will usually take into account additional factors. Some of these factors may include the weight of your belongings and the distance from your former home to your new location. Moreover, a moving company may base its charges on the amount of space that your belongings fill in the truck or the vehicle that is used for the move.

It is always a good idea to solicit quotes from a number of moving companies before you hire one. In so doing, you can discern the typical charges, and get a feel for whether or not a particular moving service will be easy to do business with.

Keep in mind that a moving service will often provide you with a non-binding estimate. This is especially so if you are unsure of the precise amount of belongings that you will actually move. However, if you can give the moving service an exact weight or number of belongings being moved, the moving service will usually be in a position to provide you with guaranteed pricing.

Some quotes from a moving service may include additional costs, such as:

* Fees involving labor required to load and unload your belongings.

* Charges for packing your items.

* Additional fees for specialty items, such as appliances or exercise machines.

* Insurance for damage or loss of valuable items.

In the end, bear in mind that the type of move you make will determine the type of quote you get. However, it is usually best to ask each moving service to provide you with an estimate of the same type or format. Then you can easily compare the quotes you receive.


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