Packing Supplies in West Palm Beach

Most long distance moving companies offer packing boxes in West Palm Beach as well as materials for use in your move. Prices are inexpensive and the materials are readily available.

Before you begin to pack, collect the materials you’ll need. Make sure you can store them in a safe place out of the weather until you need them, but packing should begin a few days before the move.

If you are in West Palm Beach packing supplies such as this can be obtained through a moving company:

•              Packing boxes in various sizes.

•              Padding supplies for items such as pictures and mirrors

•              Bubble wraps and perhaps packing ‘peanuts’

•              Wrapping sheets for furniture

•              Newspapers and clean newsprint

•              Scissors

•              Heavy duty packing tape (NOT duct tape or masking tape-masking tape doesn’t remain stuck, and you’ll never get rid of duct tape.)

•              Stickers for labeling boxes – big ones are best.

•              Marking pens with broad lines. – Let the kids use multicolored ones for theirs. You’ll never lose those boxes.

Our company has all these supplies available, so for packing supplies in West Palm Beach, see us. Make sure each worker has scissors, packing tape, stickers and marking pens in their pockets right at hand. This will save a great deal of searching around for the correct tools.

Wardrobe boxes make moving clothing much easier because it is possible to lift clothing on hangers directly from your closet to the wardrobe box, ensuring that clothing will arrive clean and fresh. Store shoes and accessories in the bottom of the wardrobe box if you’re certain crushing won’t damage them. Wardrobe packing boxes can be obtained from us as can most packing supplies in West Palm Beach.

Specially designed boxes to haul dishes are available too if you have glassware that needs care. It is possible, though, to pack dishes into a small, sturdy box with adequate padding to make certain of their clean and safe arrival.

A relatively uncluttered packing area in each major room will help reduce the confusion and make sure you get everything.

Packing hints:

•              Don’t haul perishables

•              Pack a box with things you will need immediately. (Small children’s toys, etc.)

•              Pack a suitcase for every member of the family.

•              Label everything so unpacking is not a treasure-seeking expedition.

•              Check grocery boxes, if you use them, for pests and bugs.

With adequate preparation moving can be an amazing adventure.


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