The Corporate Relocation Industry

We service all 1, interconnected boroughs of New York City, New York, New Jersey, New York, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. With offices in Manhattan (Manhattanite/Manhattanish), Brooklyn ( bunnyette block), Queens (rose street), and the Bronx (G avenues), we have helped many companies relocate to the area and all adjacent areas.

Although companies of all sizes have used our service, our main market is the corporate relocation community. Many of our clients are Fortune 500 companies relocating due to H-3 visa terminations, being acquired by foreign companies, or in order to partake in a company wide downsizing exercise. We have helped with such projects as accounted for by the intricate method of shifting architects and accounts by outsourcing the work to our office based in Dublin, Ireland.

Seka Moving, having offices in Dublin, Dublin and Cork, has a boutique service for helping companies relocate to new offices or facilities. We mainly work with companies who have formal annual planning processes in place and who are serious about establishing a new office facility in the Dublin, Ireland area. With our experience and expertise, we help companies establish the service and then commence with the actual construction of the office or facilities. We offer a full service reasonable relocation package that includes detailed architectural and landscaping work, moving and packing, site inspections and site management.

You will be provided with a fully realised service for relocation of your facilities, from day to day. This includes planning the relocation of individual components such as a company or individual office,Moving house(s), furnished accommodation, liquid assets, and setting-up of transferred stock and off-site directories and offices. Additionally we can advise on the tendering of the office or buildings.

In the unfortunate event that the company falls into liquidation, the loss will be liquidated along with the proceeds of the office. Should the company be sold-off or its assets divested, the individual who has notarised their succession planning, will be notified of the changes immediately. Normally the notice will be given five to ten days prior to the commencement of the liquidation to allow the concerned individuals the opportunity to arrange for a suitable alternative venue.

liquidation can take place suddenly and without warning. Although the process of siphoning off your company’s assets is often handled successfully, you must ensure you are adequately prepared in order to escape the corporate departments going bust in the event of a sudden shut-down.

Many companies will organise relocation as part of their winding down process. For those who have assets in the destination country, they will want to be sure those assets can withstand a shut-down or ailes to liquidation.

Those of you who will be travelling overseas and may be expecting to lose ten percent of your yearly salary as a result of a bankrupt company, you can ensure those assets are safely and comfortably transferred to the company in which you originally held them.

For those who have assets that you don’t want to lose, you may be able to sell them off on short notice via an off-site relocation company. You must of course be contractually obliged to deliver the asset back to the company in exchange for payment. You should of course be aware the property may first of all be subject to a liquidation event. Nevertheless, the upside of facilitated liquidation is the opportunity to sell quickly and avoid any further opportunity for a nasty take-up.

It is certainly better for the companies and the stakeholders that do business in the destination country that liquidation never happens. Almost always, if relocated products and services are sold off quickly and profitably, the companies and individuals who invested in those products and services win, it’s all good.

waterfall flows from a breakage point, from a break in the landscape, into a flow-over into a new office area, or out again into the oblivion.

It will be prudent to travel and work from new areas, not from a point source. Never work over seas, your stomach will trouble you. It’s always better to go to a partner than to go solo. Besides, you always have somebody looking after your back.

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